5 Reasons Western Canadians should start thinking of SELLING their Arizona homes NOW

Here are 5 reasons why you should start thinking about selling your Arizona home!!

Hi, I’m Jay Bru and I am a Canadian from a farm in Saskatchewan.  Here are the 5 reasons you should think about selling your Arizona home:

  1. Canadian Dollar: At the time of this writing the Canadian dollar is at .76 compared to the American dollar.   A good return on your money if just with the currency if you happen to buy in 2011.  That would be close to a 25% return on your money plus the appreciation!  You don’t get taxed on Currency upswings.
  2. Prices have more than doubled since 2011 if you were that lucky smart one.   Here is the latest market blog from October 2020, that shows real estate prices are not coming down anytime soon, but you should start following this blog to watch the turnaround, I believe I can warn you 6 months in advance, click here.
  3. Oil prices have gone down in Canada hurting western Canadians.  You probably could use the money?  And now with Joe Biden who will not encourage pipelines, it might be time.
  4. Covid quarantines are still very much a part of Canada.   Currently, you’re allowed to come to the US by plane only and do not have to quarantine here, but must do so when entering Canada.  Unless you live in Alberta or Ontario and can do a rapid test when landing at the airport but you must remain in AB for 14 days, hence I’m not going home to SK this year for Christmas
  5. Selling a year too early is better than being a month too late.  This is a motto I picked up when people try and time the markets.  You made your appreciation and you should be happy with that.  Its impossible to time the markets perfect.  

Hi, I’m Jay Bru and I am a Canadian from a farm in Saskatchewan.  I moved to Scottsdale Arizona 9 years ago.  I bought 5 US properties at their lowest levels and bought a business.  Now I sell real estate here, and I watch the Canadian and US markets very closely.  I also know the withholding tax laws of FIRPTA, click here for the full blog, and here is the Capital Gains blog here.

We also do remote selling where we don’t have to meet in person or see the property but can arrange everything for you from the comforts of your Canadian home.  Click here to see how we can do so.

Also, if you want to see how we come up with home prices click here, and closing cost, click here

Email me your home address and I can send you a 60-page report on your home with a net sheet to know what you will end up in your pocket!

Jay Bru



Or enter your home address on my website to get a ballpark figure, click here.

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