How much do you really need for a down payment to purchase a home?

There is a common misconception among first-time homebuyers that they need a 20% down payment to purchase a home. This is not true, and a home buyer can purchase a home with as little as 3% down (0% for VA loans). There are also down payment assistance programs that can completely cover a buyer’s down […]

Navigating the Home Buying Process Like a Pro 🏡

Click here to view all the forms you will need to read and go over with your realtor before viewing homes in 2024! Buyer broker agreements, the buying process, and how I owe you fiduciary duties Before diving into the world of home buying, let’s map out the journey together. By covering these essential points […]

Discover the Greater Phoenix area

PHOENIX FACTS Welcome to Phoenix! Find information below about our city, including history, climate, and the tourism industry.  General City Information  Visitor Industry Information  Sports Information  Resort Facts  Food Facts  Other Resources General City Information CITY OF PHOENIX  Incorporation: 1881  Population (city proper): 1.6 million (2019 Census estimate)  Population rank (city proper): Fifth in the United States  Median […]

Four ways to a Higher Credit Score to buy a home

Four Ways to a Higher Credit Score to buy a home. Credit scores are increasingly more important decade after decade are basically a part of you in todays society. The score you should be striving for are min 620-640 and there are some programs for less. But the higher the credit score, the easier it […]

What are closing costs in Arizona when buying a home?

What are closing costs in Arizona? If you’re buying a home, you’ll want to know! What’s at Stake? Buying a house is one of, if not THE, most significant purchases in your life, and it’s essential to understand the associated costs. I’m sure that no one is surprised to hear me say that additional fees […]

Different ways to market your home with an open house

Marketing Your Home with an Open House Using an open house in order to further market your home on the market as a marketing tool will ensure that you engage potential buyers, even if no one makes an offer during the viewing. Oddly enough, there are certain practitioners who believe that open houses are an […]

Arizona’s New Cell Phone Law comes into effect January 21st 2021

Arizona’s New Cell Phone Law In today’s day and age, technology has allowed for most of us to have the simple convenience of our work place in our hands at all times with a mobile device. For REALTORS®, this technology allows us to easily conduct business on the go. In Arizona, however, the laws surrounding […]

Renting vs Buying your home to live in.

This is an important question you should be asking yourself, along with your spouse, your parents, and friends before making a decision to buy or rent the home you live in. One of the biggest expenses and investments of your life. I have thought about this topic many times over the course of the past […]

Pathway to Purchase down payment assistance program. Get up to $20,000 today!

Please pay special attention to the Pathway to Purchase down payment assistance program.  Its back and take advantage while money is still available, you need to act fast and call me for more details.  Below are the details Jay Bru 480-466-4917   Only applicable to certain zip codes.  There is a $15M overall cap on […]