Everything Credit Scores

Credit scores matter when it comes to buying a home. Your mortgage credit score might not be what you expect Many home buyers don’t realize they have more than one credit score. And the score a mortgage lender uses may be lower than the one you see when you check your own credit. Finding out […]

Alternative financing when your lender or bank says no.

Just wanted to share some alternative financing for some of you. If lenders and banks say no, just keep looking. Although some of the rates may be higher, you always want to try traditional financing first. “Our client came to us with a unique situation where due to his FICO score, he wasn’t able to […]

Four ways to a Higher Credit Score to buy a home

Four Ways to a Higher Credit Score to buy a home. Credit scores are increasingly more important decade after decade are basically a part of you in todays society. The score you should be striving for are min 620-640 and there are some programs for less. But the higher the credit score, the easier it […]

Pathway to Purchase down payment assistance program. Get up to $20,000 today!

Please pay special attention to the Pathway to Purchase down payment assistance program.  Its back and take advantage while money is still available, you need to act fast and call me for more details.  Below are the details Jay Bru 480-466-4917   Only applicable to certain zip codes.  There is a $15M overall cap on […]