Your Complete Guide for Scam Prevention in Real Estate and Investments

Have you ever had suspicions about a tenant, contractor, buyer, friend, or anyone handling your money or time? Just do a background check; it’s only $2 in some cases, and the links are at the bottom.

I’m a landlord, and I help landlords; I’m done with the BS. In this world of scams, we have to stay safe. I know you hear all the stories from friends, but it’s real, folks—protect yourself. I’ve had some bad experiences, and a simple $2 and 2 minutes would have saved a lot of time and trouble.

3202 N 16th St, Phoenix

Welcome to this furnished, versatile home in central Phoenix’s Historic Cheery Lynn. With 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 kitchens, and a variety of beds, including queen, king, full, and twin sizes, it offers comfort and flexibility. The split layout is ideal for a mother-in-law suite or private casita, featuring separate entrances for added privacy. Enjoy a cozy living room with a gas fireplace for gatherings. Ample parking space for over 10 vehicles is available on-site.

The advantages of owning Real Estate

  Real estate has long been a popular investment option for people looking to build wealth and secure their financial future. Whether you’re looking to purchase a home for yourself or to rent out for passive income, there are numerous benefits to owning real estate. This blog will explore some of the most compelling advantages of owning […]

Arizona Real Estate Market Update May 24th

Thanks for reading my blog on the updated market report for the Phoenix Metro area, a lot has changed in the last few months with higher interest rates, 25% + in inventory, affordability, and more. Prices will continue to rise in this environment but you will see in the coming months that you have more […]

Alternative financing when your lender or bank says no.

Just wanted to share some alternative financing for some of you. If lenders and banks say no, just keep looking. Although some of the rates may be higher, you always want to try traditional financing first. “Our client came to us with a unique situation where due to his FICO score, he wasn’t able to […]

Arizona market update. Relief coming for home buyers.

After experiencing 25% appreciation since a year ago in some parts of the valley in post covid, Arizona may be taking a breather, but it’s complex. Here are the top charts from our latest 2021 real estate market report that explains why Arizona is due for a slow down, why prices will continue upward for […]

Foreclosures 2021: What to Expect in the Months Ahead

Forbearance and Foreclosures in 2020 As of the end of 2020, about five and a half percent of active mortgages—about 2.7 million loans—were in the forbearance program, down from over 8% at its peak in March. That represents a large number of borrowers for services to deal with as they exit the program, but it […]

Arizona Housing market update December 2020

Employment: The national unemployment rate through November is 6.7%. The Arizona unemployment rate through November is 8%. After running lower than the rest of the country through October, we had some slight gains in unemployment. Tina called it a stutter step. There was a short recovery for some and then a long, slow recovery for […]

Discover the Greater Phoenix area

PHOENIX FACTS Welcome to Phoenix! Find information below about our city, including history, climate, and the tourism industry.  General City Information  Visitor Industry Information  Sports Information  Resort Facts  Food Facts  Other Resources General City Information CITY OF PHOENIX  Incorporation: 1881  Population (city proper): 1.6 million (2019 Census estimate)  Population rank (city proper): Fifth in the United States  Median […]