How to sell your house with the Jay Bru Group and get the most money possible with the least amount of stress in Arizona!

Selling your home can be a complicated process and you have choices out there, I want to be that choice for you obviously, I believe I can get it done better than anyone.  I will try and explain why you need to be on MLS, what I will do for you to get the most money in your pocket, and let you concentrate on what you do best at your job or business and let me update, advertise, market, negotiate, and educate you on what needs to be done in a short form as possible using bullet points.

The stats on Selling a home your self-compared with a Realtor. 

I researched this subject a lot and there is much information out there, here is a good website with actual data, click here.

  • 89% of sellers were assisted by a real estate agent when selling their home. And I would love to tell you the exact amount of money sellers received more by using a realtor but it depends on price points and a lot of other things, but I know there are certain percentages out on the web higher than the % you’d pay a realtor. Using a realtor can save you time, money such as photo’s, research, and advertising that they pay for beforehand.  Realtors don’t get paid until the house sells.
  • Maybe you can be that illusive %, that gets the max dollar for your house with no realtor, but the stats are not on your side and its a lot of work to sell your house.  It might be just easier hiring someone.
  • I own houses in 4 different cities and I buy and sell often.  I have 100% of the time used a realtor when I am not in that city.  I feel like in order to sell your house your self, you have to be a certain person that has a lot of contacts, High real estate IQ, handy, personable and it can lead to a lot of frustration, it’s risky, and I feel like its a no-brainer in my eyes.

How and what I would do for you to get the most money for your homes. 

The last 3 homes at the time of writing, I’ve gotten the most money in the subdivision for my sellers, some didn’t even appraise as high as our asking price, but I closed them, we’d have to talk in person about why.  Its also a great seller’s market in AZ right now as well so that does play a factor, this is also another reason it might be a good time to sell now.  Obviously, I’m going to put your house on the MLS, advertise, do open houses, do facebook and google ads, and look for buyers.  I go into more detail in the attachment below or I can email them to you, just ask me for my “Listing Plan of Action” at jay.bru1@gmail.com.


  • First things first, you need to know what your house is worth, the costs of selling, mortgage payout, timeline and many other moving parts.  I will do that for you on my listing appointment and hope that I answer all your questions, please ask as many as you can.  I do multiple cma’s on your homes worth and give you my opinion of what to expect and I’ll lay out all the costs for you so you can make an educated decision.
  • Ask about my one-day listing agreement!!!
  • Ask about my “Your home sell’s in 90 days or I give you $2000”
  • Ask about my “Fire me guarantee”
  • Ask me about my Flexible commission plans, you pick what you pay me.
  • Ask me about my “I will sell it or I will buy it guaranteed.”

    “*Special Restrictions May Apply To Guarantees”

Real estate video’s

3rd AVE Lofts Scottsdale AZ, click here

The Envy Old Town Scottsdale, click here

Feel free to download these docs as well.

Questions for listing a house


Jay Bru



And live well!  Your home is where you come after you work, its where your family meets, it’s your life!  Make it the best place possible and Live Well!














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