Is that Fixer-Upper a good deal? Likely lost money but with no regrets

Is That Fixer-Upper Really a Good Deal? August 27, 2019 The lower price of a fixer-upper and the added resale value after a remodel can be alluring to some home buyers. For example, the average price of a fixer-upper home on the TV show “Fixer Upper,” based in Waco, Texas, is $178,449, with the average resale value […]

Different ways to market your home with an open house

Marketing Your Home with an Open House Using an open house in order to further market your home on the market as a marketing tool will ensure that you engage potential buyers, even if no one makes an offer during the viewing. Oddly enough, there are certain practitioners who believe that open houses are an […]

The major Challenge of Inadequate US Housing Supply.

The Major Challenge of Inadequate US Housing Supply INSIGHT | December 05, 2018 From the Freddie Mac web site, here  In the last 10 years, since the Great Recession, the economy has expanded greatly, but the housing market still has not recovered. Since 2011, residential housing construction has increased, but only gradually – and not enough […]

Real Estate Investing versus other investments

Real Estate Investing compared with some alternatives Exploring Diverse Investment Avenues: From Real Estate to Peer-to-Peer Lending Investing is a crucial step towards achieving financial stability and growth. With various options available, it can be overwhelming to decide where to allocate your resources. Let’s explore some popular investment avenues, including real estate, real estate syndication, […]