🏡🏡 Arizona Real Estate market update April 26th 2020

Latest Arizona Real estate market update, April 26th 2020. Hope everyone is keeping sane, I know there’s some of you out there that are not as good as others, and some that are good one day and not at all the other.  For me if I can remove the unknowing, it can help alleviate some […]

Info on Unemployment insurance benefits and the $1200 every American will get.

We’re all in this together, here is some information where you can apply for unemployment and here is some info about the one time payment we’re suppose to get.  Hope this ends soon, and we can appreciate how good we had it even more when this ends.  This will pass. Direct Payments  The federal government […]

Economy Added 263,000 Jobs in April, Unemployment Falls to 3.6%, New 50-Year Low

Economy Added 263,000 Jobs in April, Unemployment Falls to 3.6%, New 50-Year Low Article originally posted on USA Today on May 3, 2019 Hiring was strong for the second straight month in April and unemployment fell to a new 50-year low, easing concerns that a slowing global and U.S. economy could dampen job growth. Employers added a booming 263,000 […]

Capital Gains Tax Explained

Jan 31st 2019 – Capital Gains Tax explained – short term – long term How Capital Gains Tax Works Capital gains taxes are only triggered when an asset is realized, or sold, not while it is held by an investor. That means someone can own stock shares, for example, that appreciate every year but will […]

Renting vs Buying your home to live in.

This is an important question you should be asking yourself, along with your spouse, your parents, and friends before making a decision to buy or rent the home you live in. One of the biggest expenses and investments of your life. I have thought about this topic many times over the course of the past […]