Arizona Real Estate Market Update for May 2021

I hope this data helps you understand where the market is heading and what you can expect with future home prices. This information is based on facts and data from the Cromford Report, the MLS, and quality sources that you can trust. If you own a home, you want to know where your investment is […]

Top 6 hikes in Arizona

Arizona’s diverse landscape makes it a beautiful state to explore on foot. You can hike through saguaros in the desert or ponderosa pines in the mountains, depending on where your travels take you.   The day hikes selected here offer access to some of the most interesting natural features in Arizona. Canyons, mesas, volcanoes, bizarre rock […]

Should we sell our home or keep it as a rental?

Should we sell our home or keep it as a rental? Remote working and the global pandemic have caused people to re-think where they want to live. For many in dense urban communities, the possibility of moving to a vacation community or a more isolated area may be appealing. If they own a home in […]

The pros and cons of the 3 top ways to sell your home.

Options for Selling There are different ways to sell your house. You can sell with a real estate agent, sell it yourself, sell to an IBuyer, or sell to an investor.  There are pros and cons with each of those 3 choices. Please know that you have options.  Below are the pros and cons of […]