Why you should sell your home NOW and how safety is implemented into the sale.

No question the landscape of buying and selling your home has changed dramatically and here are some stats on why you should list your home now and the safety precautions we use to try and allow only qualified buyers into your home for viewings.  Firstly, everyone should realize Arizona has an inventory problem out there.  This is like buying toilet paper in March 2020, there is no supply and people are still moving here from out of state.  Here are some of the things we can now do to sell your home.  The landscape has changed and we’re trying to adjust.  Stats for the Greater Phoenix area

  • June Median purchase price $339,900 (record highs)
  • Rates are super low, creating urgency. (Call your lender to see what rate you could qualify for)
  • June sales of single-family resales in Greater Phoenix (Maricopa County) were almost 2,000 more than in May 2020.
  • The number of new monthly listings for single-family resales were a problem before the coronavirus storm hit and continue to be.  The number of June new monthly listings of 5,763 was the lowest for a month in 2020. 
  • Luxury Market Roars Back in June.  There were 219 sales this June at $1,000,000 and over compared to 136 in May 2020.  This is an increase of 83 sales or sixty-one percent in just one month.

  • Some cities have higher demand like Gilbert AZ and there is literally nothing to buy. For instance, I have an ad that reads Gilbert family pool homes for under $350k.  Just over a year ago my search had 96 listings that came up, and I did one the other day and only 11 listings came up, that is quite the difference.

Check out the listings stats from 2019-2020 on the right side, every month is down from 2019 each month.

Here some of the tools and procedures we will use for Selling your properties are.

  • Mask and Hand sanitizer requirements to protect sellers and buyers at every home.
  • Setting up as many video’s, pictures, and 3d Viewings as possible to avoid getting people into your property that are not interested.
  • Asking for Prequalified buyers to the view only your home.  (If you’re buying we would have to get the letter from your lender before previewing homes)
  • We are trying to still help you sell your property while being as safe as possible like Virtually consulting and showings, electronically signing, using more walkthrough video’s, Matterport, and ensuring buyers that are coming through your home are healthy, pre-qualified, and have an extreme interest in your home.
  • Virtual tour logistics:  There’s more than one way to give remote tours, and what works best may vary by individual. Some options include:
    • A video call in which you talk to the buyer in real-time and can answer questions on the spot through facetime or skype.
    • A pre-filmed video, to be followed by a live call for further discussion and questions
    • A shared 3D Home tour, followed by a phone call, video chat, text or email




























See example’s of these video’s here, click on the links

These videos can be implemented into your listing so you get only qualified buyers in your home risking exposure.

If you’d like to consult with me on different methods, costs, and net return to you on your home,

please call me at 480-466-4917


Jay Bru

























Click these Links for different options into marketing your home

Walkthrough Video

Drone Video

Matterport 3D

Advanced Walkthrough Video with Drone.    (Available with homes $500k plus)




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