3 Reasons Why Snowbirds Love Phoenix Arizona

3 Reasons Why Snowbirds Love Phoenix

Vector pigeons throwing off gloves and scarves in the desert

Can you feel that? The temperature is cooling down, the traffic is growing more dense and white hair can be spotted more often than not. Winter is coming, and the snowbirds (older residents who chase good weather) are slowly migrating back to Phoenix. And who could blame them? Here are three reasons why snowbirds love Phoenix.

1. Beautiful Weather

There’s a saying we have in the desert, “You can’t shovel sunshine”. There are few things better than wearing t-shirts and sandals in the fall and winter. With average temperatures in Arizona plummeting from the 100s in the summer to the upper-60s/mid-70s during the fall and winter seasons, snowbirds keep their summer lifestyle year round.

2. There’s Always Something To Do

Whether you’re into fine dining, concerts, sports or the like, when the weather cools down, there’s plenty to do in the area. Some popular events in Phoenix include PGA Golf Championships, Arizona Beer Week, the Taste of Arizona, various concerts, shows, sporting events and more!

3. The Low Cost of Living

Where does Phoenix stack up against other major metropolitan areas in the United States? According to Tim Gallen of the Phoenix Business Journal, “Phoenix is one of the most affordable big cities in the country. Phoenix has an index score of 97, which means the cost for items like groceries, health care, transportation and miscellaneous goods are 3 percent lower than the national average.” This bodes well for snowbirds coming from cities like Chicago, New York, Boston, Minneapolis, etc.

These are just three of the many reasons snowbirds love Phoenix. As they begin preparations for their winter move, the market demand for vacation rentals typically increase.

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