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The listing appointment!

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A listing appointment is a meeting between a homeowner and a real estate agent to discuss the process of selling the homeowner’s property. During the appointment, the agent will provide information on their services, the current housing market, and how they plan to market and sell the home. The homeowner will have the opportunity to ask questions and provide any important information about their property. The goal of the appointment is for both parties to determine if they are a good fit to work together and for the agent to gather information to create a listing agreement.

 Here is a guideline on what to expect from a listing appointment.

  • Initial call to go over details of home
  • Set a time to meet and discuss goals for the sale
  • Calendar invites and text reminders sent
  • Discussion of timeline, price, and requirements to reach the desired price
  • Consideration of a potential cash offer from an investor
  • Explanation of the 7-Day listing launch process
  • List of items to work on (e.g. SPDS, insurance claims history, home upgrades, the accuracy of home info)
  • Review of contract and showing schedule.

Listing Appointment checklist: 

We will start with a call to go over the details of the home, a time to meet, and some goals you’d like to achieve with the sale.

    •  Time frame =             Sell by=             Moving to=                     

    •  Timeline vs price

    •  A cash offer from an investor if the home is suitable?

    •  We will discuss how our 4 step-selling strategy works.

    •  We will leave you with a list of items to work on, such as the SPDS (seller disclosure), calling insurance for a 5-year claims history, a home upgrade list, and reviewing all your home’s info to ensure accuracy.

    •  Go over the contract and show the schedule.

    • Showing: You will be in charge of the showings by receiving a text message; you will have to respond with a Y or N.  We can also block out certain times and days.

    • Go over Home prices and different strategies including getting an offer in 3 days.

    • Schedule pictures and how to get your house ready.

    • How much notice is needed for showings?

    • What days do you need off of showing?

    • Time. Money, marketing, team

    • What an appraiser might say

    • The power of MLS and Websites

    • Photos, Videos, Staging, handyman, Cleaners

    • Team- Janelle – Lauren – Brianna

    • Feedback from Agents is automated.

    • Open houses are recommended on the first weekend of being live.

    • Pricing and Appraisals

 Schedule at a glance.  (Fill in agreed-upon dates)

    • Video –

    • Photos –

    • Cleaners and staging –

    • On Market Date –

    • Coming Soon date –

    • Showings – 

    • Estimated Sale date –

    • Proceeds after the sale are to be wired to you immediately or the next day.
    • Open house schedule –

I am open to suggestions and ideas. 

Give me a call at 480-466-4917
Jay Bru



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