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How the Jay Bru Group will sell your home for the highest sales price.

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How the Jay Bru Group will get you the most money in your pocket from your home sale – based on perfect pricing, marketing, and negotiations.

Selling your home can be a complicated process. You have choices, and I want to be that choice for you. I can get it done better than anyone. With my experience as a neighborhood expert, I will guide you throughout the process and get you the most money in your pocket.

We will let you concentrate on what you do best at your job or business and we’ll do the rest. Our job is to update, advertise, market, negotiate, and educate you on what needs to be done while you wait and get that cash into your pocket. Sounds amazing right?

Our mission is to deliver extraordinary results within extraordinary reach. With our hard work, reliability, and passion, we will always put you FIRST, ALWAYS.

That said, let us give you some valuable information on questions you probably have asked yourself already as a seller and how the Jay Bru Group can help you WIN the home selling process.

Why hire a realtor?

Sellers often ask this question. Why should I hire a realtor when I can sell it myself and save thousands of dollars? Here is the actual data that shows you the stats.

Here are a few key points to reconsider:

  • 89% of sellers were assisted by real estate agents when selling their homes.
  • Sellers received more by using a realtor.
  • Using a realtor can save you time, money, research, and advertising that they pay for beforehand.  Realtors don’t get paid until the house sells.
  • Real Estate Is a Full-Time Job. Can you rush home from work whenever someone wants to see your home? Can you excuse yourself from a meeting whenever your phone rings with a potential buyer? Do you have any experience and knowledge of doing so? Your answer to all of these questions is probably “no.”
  • A lot of legal paperwork is involved in a home sale, and it needs to be completed correctly by an expert.

Selling your home will likely be one of the biggest transactions of your life, and you want to do it right. You can try to do it alone to save money, but hiring an agent has many advantages, and those mentioned above are just a few of them. So if you want a sure win, it’s better to hire an expert to help you out.

How and what I would do for you to let the most money for your homes. 

For the last three homes at the time of writing, I’ve gotten the most money in the subdivision for my sellers. Some didn’t even appraise as high as our asking price, but I closed them. The market is great, but there’s more on the table.

My experience as a realtor and a savvy purchaser of investment properties leads to insight from both perspectives – buyer and seller. That’s why you can trust that not only will I work for you, but I will work with you and have your best interest at heart.

It’s a great seller’s market in AZ right now, so that does play a factor. This is also another reason why it is a good time to sell now. We will work techniques to get the most out of a buyer and get the most $$ into your pocket. Cash buyers work for themselves, WE WORK FOR YOU. Let us give you an overview of our strategies, plans, and how we will work to your advantage.

Establishing value with a cash price offer to you, an MLS list price, the pros/cons, and some other options would be the 1st STEP.

  • We will find the value using the county assessor’s website and the MLS through comparable properties, click here to read the blog and watch the video.
  • Put your home through an instant offers program like open door, Zillow, or My Home Group. If you don’t want showings and no money to fix up, maybe an instant offer is a way to go for a fast close. But note that MLS is retail, not wholesale. My brokerage, My Home Group, the second-largest brokerage in Arizona, offers CASH OFFERS as well; click here to see what they would offer.
  • We can also try Open Door or companies like this. Did you know they have a 7-8% fee for buying, and then they get you on the repairs?
  • We can take different approaches to price and marketing depending on your situation, timelines, and beliefs. For instance, we can price high and slowly reduce if we do not get showings in the first couple of weeks, or we can price right and possibly get a bidding war. There are a few other approaches we can take that would depend on the situation.

Featuring your home in a video with professional photos and this is how. Click here and the links below.

Our Complete Listing Plan of Action

  1. Submit your home to our local Multiple Listing Service (MLS), the retail website, to sell a home.
  2. Make your listing shine amongst its competing listings by providing professional photography, sky-cam drone photos when applicable, or twilight photos
  3. Creating videos of your home and promoting them on social media, within the brokerage, and in our team’s sphere.
  4. You get your own website.
  5. Provide you with a Seller’s Handbook that will explain the step-by-step process we use and keep you informed about what to expect at every step of the process.
  6. Help with preparing your home to sell like this blog, click here.
  7. Provide detailed automated feedback from showings regarding what the buyers liked/didn’t like.
  8. Suggest and advise you as to any changes you may want to make to your property to make it more saleable and competitive in the marketplace.
  9. Extensive Facebook advertising promotions to get your home exposed to thousands of prospects online.
  10. We owe you and will give you Fiduciary Duties. We are licensed professionals and take this very seriously. Read more about this here.
  11. Phone into and/or door-knock homeowners in the surrounding area creating awareness for your listing and looking for potential buyers.
  12. Develop a list of features of your home for the brokers to use with their potential buyers.
  13. Constantly update you as to any changes in the real estate market and comps in your subdivision in a nosy neighbor report.
  14. Add additional exposure through a professional sign and lockbox.
  15. We will only show your home to pre-qualified buyers.
  16. Keep you aware of the various methods of financing that a buyer might want to use.
  17. Represent you on all offer presentations to assist you in negotiating the best possible price and terms.
  18. We will give you a ballpark NET SHEET of closing costs to what you walk away with from the title company; click here.
  19. Handle all the follow-up upon a contract being accepted, such as mortgage, title, and all other closing procedures.
  20. We advise seeing if even keeping your home is possibly a good home to keep as a rental property here.
  21. Here is how we determine your properties value, To find your property value, click here
  22. We still believe in open houses and here is what we can do, click here.
  23. Worried about Capital gains? Click here.
  24. Are you Canadian? Learn about FIRPTA, the Canadian withholding tax.

You can ask about my:

  • One-day listing agreement
  • Your home sells in 90 days, or I give you $2000
  • Fire me guarantee
  • Flexible commission plans, you pick what you pay me

Why list your home with me?

You’ll get the most energetic, down-to-earth, caring, and tireless hands-on service with a personal touch. This isn’t just a “job” for me but also a passion. My clients are always at the top of my priorities, and I make sure of that. I can say that I am great at what I do, and the testimonials speak for themselves. Sharing my knowledge with others about how to get into your dream home for the price you want is something I enjoy doing. Currently, I’ve invested in over 160 units in 5 different cities and 2 countries which has taught me a tremendous amount of knowledge. I take pride in educating and assisting in finding great investments, and homes to live in, and figuring out what’s the best situation for my clients.

With us, taking our clients from start to finish is vital in the process, with high-touch communication, trust, and knowledge to give them the confidence we will close successfully.

Give me a chance to be the first, last, and only REALTOR© you will ever work with from this point forward. You won’t regret it.

Selling your home with JAY BRU GROUP. Watch the short video.

Feel free to download these docs as well.

Questions for listing a house


Jay Bru


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