Live for Free renting out your extra bedrooms in your home or condo near ASU Tempe Arizona.

Buy Real estate and live for free:

This method doesn’t work for everyone but I did this when I was 23 years old which propelled me into building a 4 plex with the sale of my first home, then accumulating over 20 properties with over 40 units over the next 10 years.  I now have 18 units.  I had to sell some over the course of the last 10 years to pay for mistakes and get out of the hood in some.  But I lived for free renting out 2 Bedrooms for 6 years in my small first home and then taking that $30,000 from the sale, and building a 4 plex. I put 10% down on my mortgage, renting out the other suites and renting out the 2 bedrooms I had in my unit.  And I did this for another 5 years.  After writing this it brings me back to good and bad memories.  Lots of people come and gone, but it did give me opportunities as my job and wage at the time were not the highest.  Oh and the parties…………

We just took on this listing at our new listing near ASU, at 1930 E Hayden Ln unit 114 Temp AZ $245,000   (Click this link to See the subject property.)  And, it just sparked a great opportunity someone may have, not everyone, but college kids are in a position to take on roommates, having no kids and less responsibility.  Some couples with no kids might be interested or if times are tough and you want to be a real estate investor, this is how it starts.  NOW……

I used a price of $240,000 with 10% down @ 4 % interest rate over 30 years.  Your payments are $1353 which includes Principle and interest, HOA fees, insurance, and taxes.   You can rent per bedrooms from tons of websites like roomster.com or apartment.com and I’d recommend doing extensive background checks and get a deposit for sure.  This is another blog on its own.  Its pretty simple math but the point is, you have to investigate yourself or just ask me and I can figure it out for you. First step call 480-466-4917

Of course, there can be other expenses like upgrades to appliances, improvements, and unknown circumstances. But you pretty much can calculate your exact costs for the month and year which you can then compare to what you pay now in life.  Do you rent?  In some situations renting can be advantageous especially if you’re uncertain of your future.  But time and real estate always go hand in hand like this quote suggests

“Don’t wait to buy real estate, Buy real estate and wait”   Time is on your side.

If you have any questions about this Tempe Arizona property or investing in real estate  Please call me at 480-466-4917

Jay Bru

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