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Pathway to Purchase down payment assistance program. Get up to $20,000 today!

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Please pay special attention to the Pathway to Purchase down payment assistance program.  Its back and take advantage while money is still available, you need to act fast and call me for more details.  Below are the details

Jay Bru



  • Only applicable to certain zip codes. 
  • There is a $15M overall cap on the program (it is a funded grant program so the overall availability depends on funds remaining)
  • There is a monthly cap of $1.5M (once this fund reservation cap has been reached, they will not allow any more reservations until the following month)
  • Primary residence only
  • Max grant funds total 10% of the purchase price with a cap of $20,000
  • The grant funds are issued via a “silent” recorded the second mortgage. There are no repayment terms (0% interest) as long as the buyer remains in the home and in the loan for 5 years. If they sell or refinance prior – they must repay the ENTIRE grant
  • The minimum down payment requirement is 5% (even if they are a first-time homebuyer)
  • The max acquisition total $371,936
  • The max income for all applicants is $92,984
  • The max debt ratio is 45%
  • The minimum FICO requirement is 640
  • The base qualifying loan is a Conventional mortgage (this option is not available with FHA financing)
  • The total grant related fees = .50% origination fee + $755 in grant administration fees
  • The buyer may not repeat – if they’ve had a Pathway to Purchase grant in the past, they are not eligible for a 2nd transaction 
  • They cannot own another home
  • The program does not allow for non-occupying buyers (no co-signers)
  • No new construction/spec homes (the home must be previously occupied)
  • No manufactured homes
  • Today’s interest rate for this program is 5.375% (please note – this rate fluctuates and can change without notice until we complete the lock when they’re under contract)
  • A homebuyer education course is required
Reach out with any questions. We appreciate you!
Jay Bru


Get up to $20k for down payment assistance

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